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How To Register a Trademark in Latvia: Step-by-Step Guide

Trademark registration in Latvia can be a relatively swift and uncomplicated procedure. However, to ensure a successful and high-quality registration, it generally necessitates specialized legal expertise. If you are contemplating trademark registration in Latvia, here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Choose your trademark

Begin by selecting the trademark you wish to register. Typically, companies opt for their business name or logo as their trademark. It is crucial at this stage to ensure that your sign can effectively fulfill its primary function – distinguishing your products or services from those offered by others.

2. Compile a list of goods and services

Trademark registration is specific to the particular goods or services you intend to provide. So, you must create a comprehensive list of goods or services that will include those goods or services in relation to which you plan to use the trademark. To ensure adequate protection for your products, this list should be sufficiently clear and precise.

3. Conduct a prior trademark search

Before submitting your registration application, it is essential to verify whether identical or similar trademarks have already been registered for identical or similar goods. You can conduct a trademark search using various freely accessible online databases, such as TMView. This step is crucial for minimizing the risk of infringing on someone else's pre-existing rights.

4. Determine the trademark owner

According to the Latvian Trademark Law, the trademark owner can be an individual, a legal person, or an association of persons. The person who submits the application for trademark registration becomes the owner. In most cases, it is advisable for the trademark owner to be the entity that will use the trademark.

5. Complete and submit your application

Your trademark registration application should be submitted to the Patent Office in the specified format, either electronically or in writing, in Latvian language. It is important to note that individuals without a declared residence in Latvia and ownership stake in an undertaking as well as legal persons without a registered legal address in Latvia and ownership stake in an undertaking, may only file a registration application through a professional trademark attorney.

6. Pay the application fee

Within one month from submitting your registration application, you will need to settle a registration application fee of EUR 90. If your trademark is applied for registration in multiple classes of goods and services, an additional fee of EUR 30 must be paid for each extra class.

7. Stay informed

Following the filing of your trademark registration application, the Patent Office carries out a preliminary examination to ensure it complies with formal requirements. Subsequently, within six months from the date of application, the Patent Office conducts an expert examination to determine whether your sign can be registered as a trademark. If no grounds for refusal arise during this process, you will be invited to pay the trademark registration and publication fee of EUR 95. It is important to bear in mind that the registration process may not always proceed without complications. The Patent Office might request additional information or documents or, in some cases, reject the application. In such instances, prompt and accurate responses will be vital.

Keep in mind that trademark registration involves various intricacies. To enhance your chances of achieving the desired outcome, it is recommended to engage a professional trademark attorney.


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